You can’t miss Tango Inn, a rendition of aesthetic design, one of a kind beveled outer building landscaping accompanied by a grand terrace, derived from the idea of a medieval gothic monastery.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment accompanied by soft music. Now, you know you have arrived at THE Tango.

The glimmering light of stars projected on the rainbow colored window, reflecting the totem of Indian almond leaves at night, guiding travelers to a peaceful rest.

Mingled in modern elements contrasting street art and graffiti. Ximending offers a variety of stores, a place for Eastern and western pop culture. The Ximending district also introduce cultural scenes hidden within the alleys, such as the historical Red House, the ancient TianHou Temple, the movie walk, the American Street and Tango inn at Ximen.

Come on! Ease away from your day, then set out for your next adventure!